pure trade

The Pure Trade Difference

Pure Trade as a global solution provider is the trusted choice for world’s leaders in the beauty industry. Here at Pure Trade, our professionals whose diversity of experiences and cultural backgrounds enhance our expertise and enable us to propose boundless creative ideas and to access the best materials; offering extensive sourcing capabilities and partnerships that benefit your brand. Our global strategic presence offers our clients unrivalled advantage in gaining market insights and trend intelligence around the world, that will optimize their revenue goals and brand positioning.

  • Sourcing Capabilities

  • Manufacturing Excellence

  • Strategic Presence

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Product design is a strategic feature and key competitive edge of Pure Trade. We thrive on creativity and innovation to increase brand awareness and help our clients staying in the forefront of the industry. From trend analysis to the selection of best materials, our dynamic and talented in-house design studio offers expertise in creative products, promotional and retail packaging.
  • Our global teams are dedicated to researching global trends and strategizing within consumer insights. Longevity in the business and knowledge of the industry lead us to unmatched sourcing capabilities.
  • Pure Trade is committed to sustainable business practices, and corroborates with our factories and suppliers to uphold global regulatory compliance issues. All of our manufacturing partners bring a specific know-how and technical expertise to ensure all products are manufactured to highest quality standards and specifications.
  • Pure Trade worldwide presence in carefully building a strategic global network starting with our headquarters in Paris, and offices in New York, Hong Kong and Shenzhen means meeting the highly competitive and continually evolving demands of the worldwide market, by offering quality products and services wherever they are needed.
  • We are committed to socially responsible work and global sustainability initiatives. Read more about our corporate social responsibility initiatives.