Environmental action lies at the heart of Pure Trade’s value chain, following our commitment to protecting ecosystems and biodiversity.

Pure Trade’s ambition is to have a neutral impact on the environment by compensating for our inevitable negative externalities. We have decided to follow international recommendations by seeking to go above and beyond neutrality, exercising positive impacts.

Our environmental strategy follows four axes:

  1. Monitoring our environmental footprint
  2. Reducing our negative impact
  3. Compensating for our carbon emission
  4. Implementing positive impact behavior

Within our Net Positive Impact approach, Pure Trade is financing solidarity, biodiversity, economic and social development projects which are aligned with our Sustainable Development objectives.

Zero deforestation & biodiversity Carbon Offset Program

In partnership with L’Homme et l’Environnement and Net Positive Impact, Pure Trade initiated its first carbon compensation program in early 2018.

This program aims to compensate Pure Trade CO2 emissions from one year to the next, by preventing illegal deforestation and slash-and-burn practices in the Vohimana Reserve in Madagascar.

Thanks to the initial success and continued progression of this program, Pure Trade will be providing equipment and local patrols in the area to prevent deforestation and empower local communities.

In 2019, Pure Trade SAS has given nearly 1% of its turnover to support social and environmental programs.

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Animal protection & community involvement Bamboo Lemur Program

Since 2014

Pure Trade has been actively supporting Helpsimus, a French non-profit organization. They aim to protect the population of greater Bamboo Lemurs that live in the periphery of Ronamafana National Park in Madagascar.

These animals live in degraded bamboo forests and are regularly found near the villages, feeding on famers crops. While the greater bamboo lemur is protected against hunting by local tradition, its habitat is threatened by the expansion of agriculture.

To ensure this species future, Helpsimus promotes an innovative conservation program, which includes scientific studies of the species, protection of its habitat, local community development in the surrounding villages and covering children’s education fees.

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