Established in 1996, Pure Trade
combines 25 years of
design and manufacturing
expertise to the beauty
packaging industry.

Over the years, we have boasted a vast and prestigious portfolio of brands and have become a valuable partner for world’s leaders in the beauty, fragrance and personal care sectors.
Our clients depend on our outstanding quality, creative designs, innovative manufacturing, and global logistic capabilities to bring their visions to life.

With experienced, cross-trained professionals in Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Pure Trade provides clients fully integrated innovative solutions from concept to completion that help to promote and enhance their brands and product experiences of the consumers.

  • Global Presence 65 dedicated employees worldwide
  • 360° Offer Bags, Primary and Secondary Packaging, Accessories, Textile…
  • Reliable Manufacturing 35 historical partners factories
  • Expertise 100% dedicated to Cosmetics & Perfume Industry

Our expertise What we do

  • Design & Innovation

    From trend analysis to the selection of the best materials, our dynamic in-house design studio is endlessly analyzing market trends in order to understand and anticipate client expectations. We thrive on creativity and innovation with an eco-design approach to reduce the environmental impacts throughout the product lifecycle.

    Product design is a strategic feature and key competitive edge of Pure Trade. We pride ourselves on our ability to create desirable, innovative, and sustainable products to help our clients remain at the forefront of the industry.

  • Product developement & project management

    Pure Trade takes a consultative and collaborative approach to manage each project from start to finish. Our project managers are dedicated to quality design solutions for a brand’s challenges, with a particular focus on understanding the needs and expectations of the client to help meet their objectives. Our experienced and cross-functional teams operate to deliver integrated concept-to-launch solutions for our clients to achieve their marketing goals and the delivery of products on time and within budget.

  • Manufacturing excellence

    Pure Trade offers a wide range of sourcing capabilities and partnerships that support and benefit your brand. We are committed to sustainable business practices and support global regulatory compliance standards across our factories and suppliers. All of our manufacturing partners bring specific know-how and technical expertise to ensure all products are produced to the highest quality requirements.

  • Quality control

    Our advanced testing and inspection procedures guarantee the highest quality of products to our clients. Through reputable factories and suppliers, our in-house quality control department monitors production at all stages of manufacturing to safeguard and optimize while ensuring social compliance and exceptional quality assurance.

  • Logistics expertise

    Our highly efficient and effective delivery methods across the entire supply chain ensure high-quality execution and speed to market optimization. Adaptable to market constraints and business demands, our internal logistics department can accommodate your choice of incoterms. The core of our logistics process is to reduce the distance traveled by your merchandise and implement innovative shipment plans that allow us to minimize the carbon footprint of transportation and ensure the security of your product deliveries.