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At Pure Trade, we try to build a corporate culture based on sustainable development principles.

  • Every year, we launch an in-house recycling project with an adapted business.
  • Our workplace is refurbished with ecological furniture and energy saving solutions has been implemented.






Pure Trade partners with CCWG, a global business-to-business initiative dedicated to improving the environmental performance of ocean container transport. CCWG tools represent the industry standard for measuring and reporting ocean carriers’ environmental performance on CO2 emissions.

Pure Trade develops programs with its forwarders in order to reduce its carbon emissions.

One of its programs aims to prioritize low carbon transportation for post-delivery, which reduces up to 40% of carbon emissions compared to traditional transportation.

In 2017, Pure Trade saved 42 tons of CO2 thanks to this program.




Pure Trade can provide its clients with products made from recycled and biological materials (recycled cotton, RPET, recycled metal, padding form, nonwoven recycled etc).

Being core sustainable development, our teams are dedicated to researching new materials and sourcing solutions that are ecological and biological. Also, Pure Trade partners with Max Havelaar – Fairtrade for clients specific needs and inquiries.

  • In 2017, 9 different designs have been made out of cork from Portugal and recycled cotton. In total, 1,004,101 products have been manufactured. .
  • In 2017, 876,000 plastic bottles have been recycled into 4.38 tons of RPET fibre in order to make kits.




Pure Trade works with suppliers that have fair and ethical labour practices. Compliance to SA8000 standards is a prerequisite. In 2017, 99% of our suppliers have been rated NCI (Need of continuous improvement) by a third party audit.

We partner with community-oriented suppliers who work hard to give back through extensive outreach. Their active community involvements include:

  • Building schools.
  • Hiring policy towards underprivileged.
  • Educating employees and its community on environmental challenges and sustainability efforts.

We also believe we can help our suppliers having social and environmental positive impact by working hand in hand with them on the improvement of their CSR policy. In 2018, we have launched a pilot program with one of our suppliers in order to set policies and actions to reduce carbon foot print as well as water and energy consumption in their factory.





  • Carbon offset program

 Together with non-profit Net Positive Impact and Man and Nature, Pure Trade has launched its first carbon offset program beginning of 2018. That program aims at compensating Pure Trade’s carbon emissions over year 2017 by preventing deforestation and “slash and burn farming” in the reserve of Vohimana, Madagascar.

Every year, about 235 hectares of forest is being destructed, contributing to the emission of 32,000 tons of CO2. Besides, deforestation affects economic development of local communities that use the forest natural resources to make a living.

Thanks to this program, Pure Trade will be providing equipment and local patrols in the area to prevent deforestation and empower local people too.


  • Bamboo Lemur Program

Since 2014, Pure Trade has been supporting Helpsimus, a French non-profit organization. It aims to protect the population of greater bamboo lemurs that lives in the periphery of Ranomafana National Park in Madagascar.

These animals live in degraded bamboo forests and are regularly found near the villages, sometimes feeding on sugar cane, lychees, rice and bamboo cultivated by farmers. While the greater bamboo lemur is protected against hunting by local tradition, its habitat is threatened by the expansion of agriculture.

To ensure that species future, Helpsimus promotes an innovative conservation program which includes scientific studies of the species, protection of its habitat, local community development in the surrounding villages and covering children education fees.




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