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Olivier Behra, founder of L’Homme et l’Environnement ; Man & Nature and NetPositiveImpact.earth program

“Thanks to Pure Trade, we were able to set up the protection of the forest of Vohimana this summer in Madagascar. It is located in one of the area that has the most endemic animal species in the world, including one of the biggest lemurs. It has become a global priority to prevent that rain forest to disappear in ashes. The involvement of Pure Trade on this site enables to fight against CO2 emissions but also to protect a quite unique biodiversity which includes healing plants already exported for medicinal purposes in the west. The reserve of Vohimana is unique and fascinating. The local communities to which we offer our support are gathering and taking things in hand. Erito, based onsite tells us about it, video below :


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Delphine Roullet– Director of Helpsimus

« The population of lemurs which Helpsimus protects in Madagascar lives on crop land on which also depend the local communities which practise a subsistence farming there. The support of Pure Trade began in 2014, as we needed to reach a new step. Pure Trade helped us to start our activities of development aid. We have been able to implement actions in order to protect the harvest, to improve the yield of its crops and to develop new Income Generating Activities. These are essential in the success of our program of preservation because they provide the local communities with relevant means to protect lemurs habitat and stop the clearings of their territory consequently. New IGA enables peaceful cohabitation between animals and human who are sharing the same land.

Pure Trade also accompanies us in creating Village Organization to which the forest administration delegates the natural resources management. Not only this process assures a first level of protection to lemurs habitat but it also empowers communities to be directly involved in the conservation of their environment. Finally, Pure Trade enabled us improving our efficiency on the ground and the follow-up of our activities by giving us the opportunity to employ full-time our local coordinator.

For four years, Pure Trade has been helping us in the development of our program of preservation which protects the most important wild population of greater bamboo lemur (about 400 animals on a total count of 1000 specimen) as well as unique biodiversity.”

For more information, see Helpsimus.org