pure trade

Corporate Social

Pure Trade is committed to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility in every aspects of its business. When we make sustainable choices, we have influence on an international scale. We understand that as we work across the globe and venture into new markets, we need to consider our corporate social responsibility. Our conservation goals cannot be reached without taking into account the challenges of our generation that will become tomorrow’s opportunities.

In line with our clients’ expectations in global sustainability initiatives, Pure Trade promotes and actively takes part in numerous solidarity and socially responsibility projects. These initiatives consist of offering and producing innovative products, while limiting negative impacts to the society at large. We envision a world in which people are at the heart of our values. Our sustainability strategy will not only grow our organization, but also create a business of which we can be proud of.

Our Corporate Sustainability Commitments:

  • Support fair and ethical labor practices: encourage partnering factories to reach auditable SA 8000 social certification standard. Pure Trade conducts formal assessments on factories to ensure they comply with local laws and regulations, and that the conditions of the workers are fair, safe and non-discriminatory. SA 8000 is an accredited certification  based on the principles of international human rights norms.
  • Reduce our footprint and to consistently improve upon and expand our environmental stewardship efforts
  • Be responsible citizens in every community we serve
  • Minimize environment impact by sourcing and producing sustainable packaging components (e.g. biodegradable polybags)