pure trade

Community Involvement


Pure Trade partners with community-oriented suppliers who work hard to give back through extensive outreach. Their active community involvements include:

•    building schools
•    fundraising to build new infrastructures like roads and bridges
•    planting trees to rebuild the ozone
•    educating employees and its community on environmental challenges and sustainability efforts



Pure Trade partners with Man & Nature, a non-profit organization that develops and promotes innovative conservation programs, aiming to maintain sustainable biodiversity models around the world.

The site and its biodiversity

Located in the south of the Antananarivo city, the capital of Madagascar, the Ranomafana National parc is incredibly rich in biodiversity, hosting different specimens. Just on the border of the park, living some of poorest human populations of the world, who do not yet have any other alternative for agriculture than slash and burn. Consequently, the villages of Vohitrarivo, Vohimarina and Sahofika have their environment extremely degraded and jeopardized. Fortunately, one of the first and last plant growing back after the land has been burnt is bamboo, the main food of the great bamboo lemur.

The project

Help local communities break free of extreme poverty and advance to implement plans that would allow the habitat conservation required for the Bamboo lemurs.


  • Find a balance between the needs of humans and those of the Bamboo lemurs
    Increase the standard of living for locals by supporting (or encouraging) production of crops and developing income generating initiatives
    Educate local communities on hygiene and sanitation
  • Increase the standard of living of local people by supporting actions securing products of crops, and by developing new income-generating activities
  • Educate local communities on hygien and sanitation

Progress status and forecasts 

  • The local association has already received funding for the construction of an on-site liaison village associations are currently being formalized.
  • 25 guides have been trained since 2012 and are capable of assisting scientific, research required on the lemurs of the area and on their habitat.
  • More and more children are attending school and progressing at an admirable rate.


  • Construction of bridge to allow children to easily access school
  • Construction of a silo for storage of the year’s produce
  • Develop the trade of ginger and coffee so to financially support the programs of local biodiversity awareness and saving the Bamboo lemur’s habitat
  • Continuing the support to raise the standard of living of the population